Initial prerequisite for regular membership is the possession of the title of medical specialty in Paediatrics or in Allergy for any new member (founding members excluded) and moreover 2 years training in Paediatric Allergy or work experience (following medical specialty training) in Paediatric Allergy departments or units or 3 years of proven scientific collaboration with fully organized and equipped medical centres that provide clinical, scientific and research activity in Paediatric Allergy (publications, training programme etc).


As Advocated members can be registered Greek doctors or other graduates of related health care occupations that wish to participate in the Society’s scientific activities. Advocated members may attend Scientific meetings, present scientific work on Paediatric Allergy topics and actively participate, they do not however have the right to elect members or be elected as Members of the Board of Officers or participate in new members elections and Society’s assembly.

For Regular or Advocated Member registration, written application is required. Following that, a short CV will be required.

Your application will be assessed at the Society’s next General Assembly and you will be informed about either application acceptance or rejection.